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#TheForceAwakens #Star Wars Teaser trailer

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Super Power Beat Down #BatmanVsVader Batman - Darth Vader

Batman VS Darth Vaderby Andr-uril Hay que amar a estos tipos



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The Age of Adaline #Adaline

The Age of Adaline
 The Age of Adaline



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Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? by animeme

Do you want to build a meth lab?
Come on let’s go and cook
I never see you anymore
Come out the door,
Let’s make our product by the book!
We’ll make lots of money
Just you and me
We’ll stack the cash up high!
Do you want to build a meth lab?
A rolling RV meth lab

Jesse: Go away, Mr. White

Walter: Just one try…

Do you want to build a meth lab?
Or dodge some of Gus’ calls?
I think some cook time is overdue
I’ve started talking to the money in the walls
(Look there, Holly!)
It gets a little lonely,
In this empty lab,
Just watching that fly whiz by...
(Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz)

Jesse, please
I know you’re in there,
Badger’s asking where you’ve been,
This can’t all be for nothing
And I’m trying to,
Make things right with you
Just let me in
We built this empire together
And it’s all we have
What do you want to do?

Do you want to build a meth lab? (cough)
Written & Created by: Amanda Hill Zack James Stephen Kardynal Evan Cloyd Alex Negrete Walter White and Jesse voiced by: Brock Baker Produced by Animeme Animated by Toonocracy Storyboard Artists: James Sharp and Scott Simons Character Designs: Scott Simons Background Artist: Margaret Hardy Animation Director: Tom Riffel Animator: J. Nate Lowe Hank Compositor: Colin Fleming Music and SFX: Max Repka Edited by Alex Negrete This is a parody of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” (Frozen Movie Soundtrack) We are not affiliated with Walt Disney corporation.

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The Last Goodbye – Billy Boyd #TheHobbit #OneLastTime

hobbit_the_battle_of_the_five_armies_ver16_xlg Hobbit
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Numberphile - Math and Movies (Animation at Pixar)

¿Para qué sirven las matemáticas? Para hacer posible la visión de los artistas de Pixar, claro que si lo tuyo es más las humanidades y no el idioma, siempre podrás defender la industria del doblaje. Numberphile apoyado por Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Pixar Research group 
Papers by Tony DeRose

Recursively generated B-spline surfaces on arbitrary topological meshes : E Catmull and J Clark 

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Jennifer Lawrence con Colbert

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Posters interactivos para divergente : Insurgente

Avengers : Age of Ultron - Extended trailer

World of Warcraft: Looking for Group

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Posters de Into de Woods / En el Bosque / Caminhos da Floresta

into_the_woods_ver8_xlginto_the_woods_ver7_xlginto_the_woods_ver5_xlginto_the_woods_ver6_xlginto_the_woods_ver11_xlginto_the_woods_ver3_xlginto_the_woods_ver2_xlginto_the_woods_ver4_xlginto_the_woods_ver10_xlg into_the_woods_ver9_xlg