lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Corto Animado "Love & War" de Fredrik Emilson

Un corto animado que me encontré en uno de los discos de "film movement" Lo que está padre es que está en italiano, como si fuera una opera, hasta la parte del "fuoco" Por otro lado es muy común, nos recuerda Pearl Harbor, de ese director que todos odian, pero que siempre tiene el cine lleno.
Dura 14 minutos, y el final es cursisisisimo
Probably the world's first animated opera. During her training to become a nurse, Bunny meets, by mere chance, the handsome fighter pilot Bear. Romance ensues and they form a couple. When Bear is about to propose, they are suddenly interrupted by an international conflict. Duty calls and Bear is sent into battle. "Love and War" won best animated/experimental short film at Los Angeles Film Festival 2007, best short film at Nordisk Panorama 2007 and at the Golden Lion Film Festival 2007. "We chose this film for its brilliant craftsmanship and epic scope. Writer -director -cinematographer -animator -librettist Fredrik Emilson proves himself to be the Orson Welles of stop-motion opera cinema with puppets." Shorts Competition Jury - Los Angeles Film Festival
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