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'Weeds' Creator Kohan Dishes on How Netflix Drives Hollywood Insane
Are the writers and producers in Hollywood sensing a new gravy train, with Netflix and both racing to put up original series? Any time there’s a new buyer in town and more outlets for what you do, you celebrate. Everyone in the business knows what they’re up to, even if the world at large still needs to catch up. I’m from the creative side of Hollywood. I’m up for anyone that wants to support my work. If you have eyeballs and give me a budget and are nice to me, I’m in.
Netflix executives have started to talk a lot about using their data to help pick which actors and plot lines will appeal most to its audience. What do you make of this mix of art and computer science? My only fear, honestly, is that I don’t think you can engineer the creative side and predict what people will love, based on what they’ve watched before. There is magic when people find a show and claim it as their own. They were really good about letting us find the right people for the characters. They expressed their preference for certain people and had opinions about it. At the end, I have to say they were really respectful. They’re new to this, and I think it makes them really smart. They’re so small and streamlined. They are confident, and I think they have a right to be.
¿Qué es de The Outbreak Mexico? R. Es una experiencia que simula un escenario post-apocalíptico en donde una pandemia amenaza con tomar el mundo. Tu labor es detenerla. Nos inspiramos en diferentes elementos de videojuegos y películas para transformarlos en una realidad en donde tu eres el héroe. Max Landis Reveals Original Plot for ‘Chronicle 2′ That Fox Turned Down
those who enjoyed Max Landis and Josh Trank’s low-budget found footage superhero drama Chronicle will probably already know by now that, though Twentieth Century Fox is planning to make Chronicle 2, the director and writer behind the original won’t be involved at all. Since Chronicle grossed ten times its original budget at the box office, there seems little doubt that a sequel is still on the cards, but the studio has vetoed Landis’ “darker” script for it.
Sneak peek: 'Big Hero 6' recruits Wayans, Rudolph
Wayans is part of an eclectic voice cast that directors Don Hall and Chris Williams have pulled together for Big Hero 6, in theaters Nov. 7. The Disney/Marvel project centers on 14-year-old genius Hiro Hamada, his retrofitted robot, Baymax, and their team of rookie heroes tasked with protecting San Fransokyo.
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