viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Provocateur is way too big a word for Von Trier

von trier the quintessential attention whoreIt is nothing but the truth, once you've seen "Antichrist" all you want to do is talk abut the movie, perhaps a week later you are still reeling form the shock and sadly, not even after that huge period you are in real possibilities of deciding whether the movie is good or not, but nonetheless you have to give it to Von Trier, it is an honest movie.

But Von Trier is not happy letting his work do the talking, he is an attention whore and the people in Cannes are suckers for his shit, instead of taking the higher route and in ignoring his antics they ban him and grant him his wish of being the talk of the festival.

Some distributors from Argentina have broken the deals they had in place for the movie and some of the parties in Cannes had to be cancelled, and that makes Von Trier happy, he feels purer for being such a dick and having the people react so violently to the stupid things he says.

People, let Von Trier direct, as long as his movies are good that is enough, just don't take him seriously whenever he has to address large audiences and specially not in Cannes.
People, he was indeed joking
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