viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

New poster for "Revenge of the Fallen"

Revenge of the Falle
Look at this teaser poster for this summer's sequel to Michael bay's Transformers.

The original one was one of 2007's sleepers and propelled Megan Fox to babe stardom and was quite an enjoyable flick.

During the next Superbowl we'll be seeing some of this years blockbuster's trailers, among those the one for the new Star Trek movie and of course Transformer, there aren't to be as many superhero movies this year so perhaps Hollywood won't be seeing as much revenues as in 2008. Only time will tell but we might end up winning at the end, because studios, and producers will have to work hard to ensure quality.

Or we might end up getting shafted with the same sequel shit as in 2007, big franchises with counters attached to the title.

Revenge is coming

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  1. Jiff!! Igual te deseo lo mejor para el 2009 y espero hayas tenido una Feliz Navidad!! Cuéntame a dónde te fuiste de vacaciones??

  2. Hey Jiff! tu sabes de que se va tratar esta segunda parte? La verdad no fui muy fan de la primera pero me gustaron las explosiones clasicas de Michael Bay aunque me cago el robotzito que chingaba a Jon Voight y tambien me dio un poco de pena ajena el papa de Jolie jajaja, pero Shia LeBeouf y John Tuturro fueron la neta y Megan Fox... GOD!! no necesita ni hablar (y mejor que ni lo haga :P)


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