miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009


omioIs there anything as universal as these insane love relationship we have with our mobile phones?
And yet, I don't see how someone would do a global site about mobile, or cellphones.

As you know some lazy SOB stole my Nokia N73 recently and I'm now smartphoneless because of that poor idiot.

There are sites that focus on tracking information about mobiles and there are site that focus on Mobile phone deals, Omio is a little bit of both, today they're showing some links to the debate about iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in their blog.

They were also right when doing some predictions for the Mobile World Congress some of them being that we're going to see appstores everywhere and weird yet to be announced plans for them,omio something that matches what I was telling you guys in another blog about the battle in the U.S. between the Pre and the new (back then un announced) iPhone, that now we know has Palm playing badly, since there were some supply issues, let's see what happens since in their Monday announcement apple looks to have a winner wit the iPhone 3gs (T Mobile in Holland has leaked some speccs)and Mobile OsX 3.0 update.

The comparison functionality in omio is unmatched, sadly, not al carriers are available and we know that even global players like Nokia (leader almost everywhere but the United States) sell some handsets with a regional or carrier lock. so not everyone will be able to get all the benefits from sites like this, but the review section is useful to everyone looking for opinion from fellow gadget lovers about a particular model. (ebarrera said it well)

Nowadays I'm using a dumb phone from Nokia, that makes tweeting from it or checking my e-mail a lackluster and frustrating experience, I miss the N-73, Omio reviews sectionI really became a fan of N-series and S60 and perhaps my next phone will be from Nokia as well, N95, N96, N97 are among my options, as of today N97 that was announced at the same time the finally made up their mind about (do you remember the twango days) ovi, is the one that catches more stares in the nokia flagship stores around the world, and I shall start looking for nokia n97 deals soon, well as soon as I get the money for it, I would be really happy if the mobiles from the Kddi lineup were available worldwide, like the 簡単ケータイ W62PT from Pantech.

Give Omio a chance, if not for the deals at least for the reviews.