lunes, 5 de mayo de 2008

Más Hellboy 2

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Golden Army Chamber Concept Art Francisco Ruiz Velasco: This chamber is where the Golden Army lays dormant, waiting for a new wearer of the crown to command them. Del Toro wanted a huge chamber, stadium-like, with hundreds and hundreds of golden eggs. Originally, the idea for this chamber was to be underwater. The huge gears are the mechanisms that pump the water out of the chamber. Guillermo del Toro: The original script for the film was much more ambitious - I wanted a series of underwater adventures that led to the Golden Army Chamber. At the end of the day, mostly due to budget, the idea changed. But the basics remained: I wanted the "folded" golden soldiers to be stored like eggs. The egg was an important motif in Elf/Goblin technology in the movie (see "Magic Bean Grenade") and as a basic shape it was easy to read and gave a clear view of the number of soldiers within the chamber: "Seventy times seventy soldiers".
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Giant Doorway {Francisco} This drawing was done by Wayne Barlowe, although I'm sure Mike Mignola had a big part in this design. The general idea is that this stone giant has been lying in the ground for hundreds of years and the erosion has badly damage it. In his belly is a doorway to the magical realm. GDT: I wanted the doorway to be special and I felt this was a chance to do a Harryhausen-esque moment. So I asked Mike to sketch a broken stone giant and then tweaked his face to be a bit more like the Angkor Wat ruins. Originally the doorway was through a twisted tree but that was too close to Pan's Labyrinth...

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