jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009


Ah the cellphone, ton telephone portable, the mobile phone, el celular, 携帯電話, or however you'd like to call that gadget that follows you everywhere and that according to some writers has completely killed off suspense.

Everyone wants their cellphone to make a statement, to be unique and in order to do so, you see people buying expensive models that are special editions like the Hummer ones, or with a designer names attached to it, or stupid phones engraved with gold, that people with tons of disposable income buys. The other way around is what Japanese girls do to their cellphones, you know, those accessories that are way bigger and way heavier than the phone itself.

What people that does not wish to burn money or can't look kawaii do is personalizing the phone aspect with themes, Ringtones, and screensavers. And in that moment you know if your carrier and your model selection were right, in most cases you can make those items yourself and transfer them to tour mobile using a computer, in some cases you can't, either your phone is locked, or you lack the knowledge, but do not fear, there are places where you can get that content tailored to your model.

tetrisLike ringtones-direct where you can search for that tune you want to use as your Ringtones or even better, games, you know, casual gaming is what's driving the revenue for game software companies, and you can even go hard core with classics like Tetris.

I own a Nokia N73, so to download a game I must select that maker, then my model and chose what I like, I enter my number and that's it, the content is bought with one time payment, no monthly fees, its your to keep.
Ringtones-DirectTake a look at the site, I saw some Ringtones worth having like that Yoda's "a message you have", so go and get it, remember
"do or do not, there is no try.